Find answers to common Georgia Tech-specific questions below. More answers on common Canvas-related questions can be found at https://community.canvaslms.com.

Getting Started for Faculty

When can I start using Canvas?
As of Spring 2018, Canvas is available for all faculty to use.

How long can I continue using T-Square?
T-Square will be available for course sites until the end of 2018. Beginning in January 2019, T-Square will no longer be supported for course sites. 

How do I migrate my courses? 
  You have two options to migrate your courses:   

  1. Self-Service Migration – Visit our migration page to learn how to migrate your course materials from T-Square to Canvas. 
  2. Assisted Migration – Complete this form to request additional assistance with course migration. Someone will contact you shortly to begin the migration process. 

What will happen to my T-Square project sites?
Project sites will continue to be supported in T-Square through December 2019, a year longer than course sites. In the near future, recommendations of appropriate platforms to use for project sites in place of T-Square will be provided.

What Canvas training is available to me?
Please see our Training page.

What do my students need to know? 
Many students will have courses in both Canvas and T-Square until T-Square is phased out in Fall 2018. Therefore, it is important for you to tell your students where their course is located at the beginning of each semester. We recommend the following: 

How can I keep up-to-date with the latest news about Canvas? 
You have two options to stay up-to-date with the latest news about Canvas. 

  1. Join our e-mail list to receive monthly updates about new features, training opportunities, and other announcements.

Student Help 

Is my course in Canvas or T-Square? 
T-Square will be available for course sites until Fall 2018. Your professors will inform you whether your course is in Canvas or T-Square. Beginning in January 2019, all new courses will be in Canvas. 

Can I access Canvas on my phone? 
Yes, you can do so by downloading the “Canvas” app in Google Play or the iOS App Store. 

How do I download my old course materials from T-Square? 
Be sure to log in to T-Square before Fall 2018 to download any assignments, resources, and other materials from previous courses that you’d like to save. Submit a ticket if you need help.