Migration Home

As faculty, you can choose to self-migrate your courses, or you can fill out a form for assistance with this process. Follow below for all of your migration options.


Start Fresh

This is the quickest, easiest way to proceed. In this circumstance, you would choose not to migrate any resources from T-Square and would build a fresh new course in Canvas. It is recommended to create a sandbox for testing while you build.


Migrate T-Square Resources Only

This is the second quickest, easiest option for faculty. If you use T-Square as a file repository for your course, this is the best option for you. Instructions for migrating your T-Square resources to Canvas can be found at http://canvas.gatech.edu/migrate-t-square-resources-canvas​.


Migrate Additional T-Square Tools

If you are using additional tools in T-Square and would like to migrate these to Canvas, you will want to select this option. No one knows your content better than you; therefore, the Canvas team recommends that you try this option on your own prior to requesting assistance. Self service allows you direct control over the migration and will result in a faster turnaround and less post-migration cleanup. Simple instructions for migrating additional tools from T-Square can be found at http://canvas.gatech.edu/migrating-additional-t-square-tools.


Request Migration Help

If you would like assistance with migration, you can request help here. Your request will be placed in a queue in order of receipt. The Canvas team will contact you when your course has been migrated, at which point you will likely need to perform post-migration cleanup of your site.

We will migrate the most recent version of each course unless another version is specified.