Add TAs to my Course

When TAs are added in Banner, they will be automatically added to your Canvas course.‚Äč

Faculty can also add TAs to their courses manually within Canvas.

To Add TAs to Your Course:

  1. Ensure that the TA has a Canvas account by asking him/her to log in at   
  2.  Within Canvas, select the appropriate course.
  3. Click "People" in the left hand Course Navigation menu.
  4. Click "+ People" using the yellow button on the right hand side.
  5. Enter the Login ID (e.g. gburdell3) for the user.
  6. Select the user's role in the Role menu (TA).
  7. Select the section to which the user belongs.
  8. Click "Add Users." NOTE: If you receive an error message saying Canvas was unable to find the user, the TA has not yet logged in. Please return to step 1.
  9. Once this process is completed, the TA will receive a Course Invitation via email.