Canvas Plugins - Piazza

Purpose: Piazza is a wiki-style discussion tool that enables collaboration in a single space. Students can click the Piazza plugin in Canvas to be automatically added to your Piazza space.


  1. This plugin is already enabled in your course. To make sure that “Piazza” is displayed in your course navigation links, follow the instructions at:

  2. Getting Start Guide

Piazza is a free online Q&A platform that facilitates interaction among students and instructors.

FERPA Concerns

Due to some design oversights, instructors can inadvertently expose FERPA protected student data in Piazza. To minimize the risk of inadvertent exposure of student data, follow these best practices.

  • Turn on and use an Access Code when you activate your Piazza course to ensure only your students will be able to access your Piazza course page
  • Leave the instructor Self-Signup default to "disabled" so that no other instructor can join your Piazza page without your permission
  • Periodically review your roster in Piazza to make sure only your students have access to your course's Piazza page

How do I access Piazza?

Piazza is integrated with Canvas. This integration allows direct sign on to Piazza via a link from within Canvas. To enable Piazza in a course enable it in the course navigation settings. Instructor and student guides and other resources are available at


Piazza is free and  supported by a vendor.. For help please visit You can also contact their support team via email at or phone at (800) 818-4124.

If you have any questions please contact the GT/OIT Digital Learning team at