Grade Submission

Please follow the instructions below to use the new GT Grade Submission tool, which allows you to export student grades from Canvas and import them directly into Banner:

  1. To export your grades from Canvas, follow the instructions for "Step 1" below.
  2. To upload your grades to Banner, follow the instructions for “Step 2” below. (Please note: You must wait for the Banner grade publishing window to open before you can upload your grades.)

Step 1: Export your grades from Canvas

In order to use the GT Grade Submission tool, you will first need to enable and set a grading scheme in Canvas:

  1. Open your Course in Canvas 
  2. Select "Settings" from the course navigation menu on the left.
  3. Under the Course Details tab, select the check box next to "Enable Course Grading Scheme
  4. Beneath the check box, click "View Grading Scheme
  5. In the View/Edit Grading Scheme window, click "Select Another Scheme"
  6. Select either "Midterm Grade" or "Final Grade"
  7. Click "Use This Grading Standard"
  8. Click Done

Once you have completed the above steps, click the "GradePub" button in your Course Navigation in order to export a Banner-ready spreadsheet of grades. You can use this same spreadsheet file to upload grades for multiple sections, using the directions in Step 2 below.

If you encounter any issues with Step 1 above, please contact the Digital Learning Team at

Step 2: Upload your grades to Banner
  1. Go to the Banner Faculty Grade Entry (FGE) module at
  2. Upload the spreadsheet you just exported from Canvas (see Step 1 above). If your spreadsheet contains multiple sections, you will need to upload the file once for each section. During the upload process, you will see error messages about any records in the grades spreadsheet which do not match the current section. This is expected behavior. More information on this step is available at

After submission there will not be a confirmation your grades have been submitted.

If you encounter any issues with Step 2 above, please contact the Registrar's Office at additional information from the Registrar, see Grading and Grade Entry Information.