Migrating Additional T-Square Tools

Copying Your T-Square site to Canvas

Use these instructions to migrate additional T-Square tools, including Resources, Assignments, Tests/Quizzes, and Modules.

Part I: Exporting Your Course from T-Square

  1. Go to the "Lessons" tool in your T-Square site, which can be found under "Course Tools."
    •  If your course does not have a "Lessons" tool, start by adding "Lessons" to your site: go to "Site Info" --> "Edit Tools" and check "Lessons," then click "Continue." On the second screen, select "Continue." On the third screen, select "Finish". 
  2. Click on the newly added "Lessons" tool.
    • In the top blue menu, select "More Tools."
  3. Choose "Export CC." 
  4. If you would like, select "Include all question pools you can access as a test bank." Selecting this option will export all of the questions you have added to "Pools" for all of your T-Square courses.
  5. Select "Download."
  6. Wait for the export to complete. This process may take some time, especially for larger course sites.
  7. Once the export is complete, you should see a file named "sakai-export.imscc" in the "Downloads" folder on your computer.

Part II: Importing Your Course into Canvas

  1. In Canvas, select the course you would like to modify and click "Settings," located at the bottom of the dropdown menu on the left. If you would prefer to import your T-Square course into a Canvas sandbox, create a sandbox at https://sandboxme.eduapps.gatech.edu/.
  2. In the right hand menu, select "Import Content." 
  3. For "Content Type," select "Common Cartridge 1.x Package."
  4. Next to "Source," select the file that you exported from the T-Square lessons tool ("sakai-export.imscc").
  5. If you chose to import question pools from your T-Square site, you can select them now. Next to "Default Question Bank," choose "Select Question Bank" and identify the pool you wish to import. If you wish to create a new question bank, select "Create New Question Bank." 
  6. Click either "All Content" or "Select Specific Content" and then "Import."
    • If you choose "Select Specific Content," Canvas will indicate that it is "Waiting for Select." When you see this, click "Select Content." On the next screen,  place check marks next to the items you wish to import and click "Select Content."
  7. Wait. This may take a long time, depending on the size of your course and the number of files you are importing
  8. Under "Current Jobs," Canvas will indicate either that the import is "Completed" or that there are "Issues." If this occurs, click "Issues" to see a list of problems Canvas encountered during the import.
  9. Once Canvas indicates the "Common Cartridge" job is "Completed," you may proceed to individual areas of Canvas to make final adjustments and changes. 
  10. For tips on Post-Migration Cleanup, please visit http://canvas.gatech.edu/post-migration-cleanup-tips