Migrating T-Square Resources to Canvas

The following are step-by-step instructions to migrate your T-Square Resources to Canvas.

You must be logged in to T-Square to complete this process.

  1.  Choose your course from the My Active Sites panel

  2.  Go to Resources

  3.  Select the “Actions” drop-down at the top-level folder

  4.  Select “Compress to Zip Archive”


  5.  A new zip file (*.zip) will be created within your Resources

  6.  Click on the file to download and save to a designated location on your computer


  7.  Go to http://gatech.instructure.com and log in

  8.  Click on “Courses” to access your course in Canvas

  9.  Click “Files”


  10.  Click “Upload"

  11.  Locate and select the zip file (*.zip) you previously downloaded, and click “Upload”

  • Select “Expand It” if you’d like Canvas to expand the contents of your zip file

  • Select “Upload It” if you’d like it to remain compressed as a zip file in Canvas

Your files should now appear in your Canvas course.

Once you are finished, please consult our Post-Migration cleanup tips at http://canvas.gatech.edu/post-migration-cleanup-tips.

If you experience any problems, please reach out to us at canvas@gatech.edu.