Discover OpenAI, GPU & more integration with Vocareum Notebook

During this webinar, we will explore the key features of Vocareum Notebook, including: 

1. First-of-Its-Kind, AI Learning Environment: Immerse your learners in a browser-based AI learning experience, leveraging the power of accelerated GPU support and seamless Jupyter Notebook integration.

2. Cost-Effective GPU Batch Processing: Keep costs low by limiting interactive notebook sessions to CPU and running training jobs on GPU spot instances.

3. OpenAI Integration: Provide access to OpenAI APIs without every learner needing to create their own account. Specify a budget for each learner.

4. Effortless Deployment and Collaboration: Simplify the deployment and sharing of AI models in production environments. Streamline workflows, integrate with cloud services, and ensure smooth deployment and inference, facilitating effortless transitions from development to production.

5. Training Job Scheduling: Enable efficient learning schedules with our built-in feature for scheduling training jobs, optimizing productivity and flexibility in AI projects.

6. Large Dataset Delivery: Seamlessly access and deliver large datasets, providing your learners with hands-on experience in tackling real-world AI challenges.

7. Persistent Data Storage: Preserve data and work between sessions, ensuring uninterrupted learning journeys and eliminating the need for frequent data reuploads or instance restarts.

8. Comprehensive Assessment Suite: Save time with auto-grading, manual grading, peer-graded, and multiple-choice assessments, facilitating effective evaluation and tracking of their AI skills.

9. Seamless LMS Integration: Integrate with popular LMS such as Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle for a cohesive and streamlined learning experience, simplifying course management and enhancing learner engagement.


Thursday, June 22nd, 2023  @ 2pm ET / 11am PT