Post-Migration Cleanup Tips


  • If you renamed resources in T-Square, they will revert to their original names in Canvas. You will thus need to rename the files again in Canvas.
  • If you copied your entire course site, T-Square may have failed to include some Resources during the export. Double check to make sure you have all your Resources. You may need to upload some files individually. 


  • Canvas lists files in alphabetical order. To change the display order, you will need to use either the Pages or Modules tool.  
  • Canvas will not allow you to edit “Files” in the application itself. You can download and edit these files off-line, then upload again. You can edit files using the "Pages" tool, but all material that has been copied from T-Square will be placed in “Files,” where it cannot be edited. 
  • The Canvas “Files” section may not be selectable by your students (it will be light gray). If this happens, go to Canvas Settings, click “Navigation,” then click the menu next to “Files” and choose “Enable”. You may also need to drag the “Files” item into the upper box (out of the “hidden from students” section).

Issues of Compatibility

  • Certain types of T-Square Resources will not copy over (web links, citation lists). You will need to recreate these in Canvas.
  • T-Square Lessons and Canvas Modules are not exactly comparable. Lessons will be converted into a series of links in Canvas Modules, and the content itself will end up in the Canvas Files (in a folder name “Attachments”). To create an experience that is more similar to T-Square Lessons, you may want to copy your content into Canvas “Pages”.
  • The T-Square “Syllabus” tool does not copy over to Canvas (this only applies to the tool, i.e., many faculty add a syllabus file to the resources tool, which will in fact copy correctly). If necessary, you can click the “Print View” in the T-Square Syllabus tool, then copy and paste the text into the Canvas “Pages” tool to create a syllabus.
  • T-Square discussion forums must have a defined topic. Forums without topics will not copy into Canvas.
  • If you copied question pools and your questions included images or attached files, you will need to re-attach those images or files again in Canvas.
  • Double check the individual items you imported from Canvas to make sure the associated dates are appropriate. Even if you selected "Adjust Events and Due Dates" when exporting your files, these dates will often fail to shift appropriately upon import.