What is PostEm?

Upload and share a spreadsheet to provide individualized feedback and/or grades to students.

Instructions for Installing PostEm

Enable the course navigation link for "PostEm" to begin using it in your course.

Instructions for Using PostEm

  1. Create a sheet (in CSV, XLS, or XLSX format) that follows these format guidelines:
    • The first cell in the file should be labeled 'Account' or 'GT Account' (lowercase works too).
    • The first column (under Account) should list participant GT Accounts (e.g. gburdell3) or GTID's (e.g. 9xxxxxxxx)
    • Add feedback for participants in the other columns.
      • The header row should contain a title or description. It will be visible to participants.
      • Insert feedback for each participant in the row with their account ID.
  2. Upload sheet
    • In PostEm, click "Add new sheet".
    • Drag and drop the file, or click the upload area to locate the spreadsheet file on your computer.
    • Give the spreadsheet a title and click "Submit".
  3. Release spreadsheet
    • Click the title of a sheet to see its detail view.
    • In the detail view, click "Edit details".
      • You can toggle the Released status of the sheet here. Participants cannot view info from a sheet that is not released.
      • The sheet title can also be edited in this view.